5 Creative Ways To Reduce Your Student Loan Debt Ranger student loan

There are a few proven rules of thumb to follow when it comes to financial health. The first is to try to pay off student debt as quickly as your budget allows.


Getting ahead quickly when paying off student loans is a smart move that prepares you for overall financial well-being. Paying off or even just reducing student debt improves your debt-to-income ratio, a critical factor for a healthy credit history and credit score.

Your wallet will thank you too. When you make that last payment earlier than expected, you pay less interest over the life of your debt, saving you money on the overall cost of loans.

There are many repayment options for federal student loan borrowers, but these may not be right for everyone. Before speeding up student loan repayments, it’s essential to remember that prepayment only makes sense once you’ve built a solid financial foundation, such as building emergency savings. and managing other debts such as high interest credit cards.

With that in mind, here are some of the more creative ways borrowers reduced or paid off their student loans earlier than expected:

  • Watch for deals.
  • Think outside of the salary.
  • Game change.
  • Find five.
  • Stay in the know.

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