A country in disbelief after 3,718th episode of majority versus minority violence

As tradition has it, Chapasthan has witnessed a new wave of violence perpetrated by the majority against the minority over the past two days, prompting the authorities and experts in the country to recycle their remarks on pluralism, conspiracy and geopolitics.

Like every year, the authorities are in shock, as if they have no idea that such a thing could happen for the 3,718th time. No concrete measures have yet been taken to prevent such incidents from recurring. Many cases have been filed, however, as authorities need to show how serious they are.

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The recent attacks were triggered by Facebook Live from a random guy whose “feelings were hurt”. These “hurtful feelings” spread to different parts of the country and resulted in the loss of lives, homes and valuables. Again.

It would be fair to say that the Chapasthanis are a little too sentimental.

When reporters asked Chapasthan police for answers, they said, “We are investigating the incident.

Asked about the 3,000 previous incidents, they replied, “We are still reviewing them. “

Asked about the lack of progress, they said, “Look, looking takes time, but we’re going to look at the issue of inefficiency. “

Meanwhile, the Chapasthan government has told citizens to unite against such violence, live in harmony with their fellow citizens, and absolutely crush the opposition party, which is responsible for all that is wrong with the government. country because they lie and conspire scum.

The CNP – the opposition party that many claim has stoked the violence – has said such attacks are the government’s grand plot to stay in power and have nothing to do with Chapasthanis’ lack of tolerance, or the attackers belonging to the country without tolerance. majority, which allows them to suppress minorities, or a ploy to simply seize land.

“Guys, this is not your [majority’s] fault. Let’s dismiss the government. Everything will be so much better then. Don’t you trust me? “Said a CNP spokesperson.

On social networks, “experts” analyze the probable social, political and cultural origins of the attacks and their possible fallout.

“This is all part of a plan by neighboring countries to destabilize Chapasthan, as the country is part of an economic showdown,” said a deaf person.

When a commentator asked for proof, he said, “Dude, believe me.”

Another “expert” took a more sociological approach and wrote a 1,000-word essay, using terms such as “cultural hegemony” and “social stratification,” which alienated the handful of people who understand basic English. .

Amid all of this fruitless dialogue and discussion, the voices of victims and their supporters continue to demand justice not only for the recent incidents, but for every case of violence against minorities. Time will tell if these voices are heard or ignored as always.

* We didn’t use the adjective c0mmun @! in this article. You’re welcome.

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