A professor will lead a forum on peace

A FORUM is being organized on Monday June 20 by Let’s Talk Peace Ballarat and Compassionate Ballarat with the aim of informing people about the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Entitled Australia’s Role in Peacemaking: Insights from a Global Expert, the session will be led by Professor John Langmore at Federation University’s Brewery Tech Park Theatre.

He said the conference will focus on two key issues.

“Australia hasn’t signed this treaty yet, so I’m going to talk about why it’s so important that they do,” he said.

“The aim is to draw attention to diplomacy, negotiation and mediation as means of resolving conflicts rather than thinking that any conflict will automatically lead to violence.

“My second theme will cover the need for a better balance between the elements of foreign policy.”

A Q&A will follow the discussion, with fellow Fed Uni, Dr. Lynne Reeder, as MC.

Professor Langmore was enlisted by Let’s Talk Peace Ballarat co-host Madonna Quixley, who said his expertise in global issues made him the prime candidate to deliver the speech.

“John is certainly qualified. He was the director of the UN’s social policy and development division and he helped launch the Peacebuilding Initiative campaign that led to this,” she said.

“He is doing a lot of the groundwork to pave the way for this movement in Australia and has been instrumental in getting things started again at Melbourne United with his peace efforts.”

Professor Langmore will also use the platform to update attendees on a new development at one of Melbourne’s institutions.

“Another key topic of the day is to let people know about the peacebuilding center I am establishing at the University of Melbourne,” he said.

“And it’s just important that this information is available to everyone and I’m impressed that these groups exist in Ballarat which gives me the opportunity to talk to people. It is a universal message.

The forum will take place from 12 p.m. and is open to all.

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