Auto encounter stopped by police in Calmore

POLICE stopped 60 vehicles during a car rally in an industrial area last night.

This is the latest action after months of reporting on anti-social behavior around major events at Calmore Industrial Estate.

And it comes less than 24 hours after police carried out active patrols in the area to “try to combat” some of the problems.

On Saturday evening, agents from Totton and the New Forest team, as well as traffic police officers, stopped each of the vehicles that came to the estate.

Tickets were issued and drivers were questioned accordingly, officers said.

And they said they would be present at all future events, in an effort to deter any further anti-social behavior.

A Totton Police spokesperson said: ‘We have been proactively patrolling the Calmore industrial area following reports of a nearby car encounter.

“Over 60 cars pulled up and we spoke to drivers, explaining the impact of noise levels caused by events like these on the local community.

“Further updates will be available in the following posts, but rest assured, we intend to be present at any future events, deterring any anti-social behavior.”

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The problems have been going on for months.

In August, calls were made for more to be done to prevent dozens of people from gathering for car meetings in Calmore.

This came after officers found more than 100 people gathered with their vehicles, including one driving dangerously, making donuts near and near people standing, officers reported.

At the time, Totton North Conservative adviser Arthur Davis said, “I’m not happy with [these car meets] at all.

Totton Police Photo

“We have to solve it.

“The police did some work getting up there, but the problem seems to continue. I do not know the answer.

“I hope the police find something.

“It’s not good for the industrial area, it’s not good for Calmore and it’s not good for the people who live there.

“The noise must be horrible. It cannot be tolerated. ”

And in July, police issued a warning after a similar incident.

It was reported that “60 to 70” vehicles were seen rounded up and driving dangerously through the Calmore industrial estate after weeks of reports of misconduct in the area.

A resident responded at the time, saying “It’s been months now – sort out the little runners please.”

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