Biden’s agenda in doubt as he helps progressives fight with moderates

This did not, however, prevent the two factions of the party from claiming that they are the ones seeking to secure adoption of its platform.

The result is quite a turnaround.

“We are fighting for the Build Back Better program,” said Ms Omar, using Mr Biden’s favorite slogan – which would have been shocking at that time two years ago, when she rallied early on to the candidacy of Mr. Sanders.

Throughout 2019 and into the early months of 2020, Mr. Biden has been the subject of contempt from the left. He was too old, too moderate and clearly ill-suited to an increasingly young, diverse and progressive party, they said, often mocking him in harsh terms.

Mr. Biden believed the Liberals were the ones out of step with the Democratic center of gravity. And he has indeed proven it by assembling a multiracial coalition driven by the defeat of Mr. Trump more than by a daring political agenda.

Yet because his primaries were largely focused on ousting Mr. Trump and unifying the country, he had few firm political plans. And by making peace with the progressives after getting the nomination, he adopted a number of their ideas.

It allowed left-wing Democrats to say, with big smiles, that they were only trying to realize Mr. Biden’s vision. The question now is whether his attempt to pass both bills will pay off – or whether his decision not to push for swift passage of the infrastructure bill will leave him in a prolonged stalemate, or nothing. at all.

What is certain, however, is that after Mr. Biden’s all-in-all campaign, he embarked on many policies that his liberal critics were skeptical he would adopt.

“For all the progressives who kept telling me there was no difference between Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg,” said Rep. Brendan Boyle, an early Biden supporter in Philadelphia, “where Biden is descending into this internal debate shows just how absurd this claim still was. “

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