Central and Victoria line drivers stage second walkout as MORE action is planned throughout December

Night Tube has been abandoned (More…)

TfL hopes the Night Tube can still work, but admitted there would likely be fewer trains than they had hoped.

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said: “This strike is about the dismantling of popular and family-friendly agreements that made the original Night Tube successful.

“Instead, the company wants to cut costs and lump all drivers into a pool where they can be kicked from pillar to post at the request of management.

“We have made every effort in ACAS and direct talks from the start to resolve this dispute, but it is clear that London Underground bosses are motivated only by the bottom line and have no stake in the good. – be their staff or passenger service.

“This strike action, and its dire consequences in the run-up to Christmas, was preventable if Tube management had not cut Night Tube’s dedicated staff and perfectly achievable arrangements to reduce staff and costs.

“We warned months ago that cutting 200 night subway train driver positions would create a staffing nightmare and that LU must start dealing with this reality and soon.

“The union remains available for further discussions, even at this late stage. “

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