Communities “feel in danger” as 13 million people witness anti-social behavior


Labor shadow interior minister says Tories have ‘no plans’ to tackle huge spike in people witnessing anti-social behavior

Labor shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds pledged ‘police centers’ to fight peak

Communities feel “in danger” because of the Conservatives’ failure to tackle anti-social behavior, the Labor Party has warned.

Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds said the government had “no plans” to tackle a huge spike in people witnessing anti-social behavior.

Analysis of official figures revealed that more than 13 million adults have witnessed antisocial behavior in the past year.

Meanwhile, the number of people who say they never see a police officer on foot patrol has doubled, with the Tories slashing police funding by £ 1.6bn since 2010.

Mr. Thomas-Symonds said, “The safety of our communities is threatened by this government. The reality is that the Conservatives are the party of crime and disorder.

“They are gentle on crime and gentle on the causes of crime. We see an increase in anti-social behavior year after year, without the government intending to stop it. People do not feel safe in their communities and in their homes. “

Thomas-Symonds said Tories had “no plan” to deal with the peak



Figures released this week by the Office for National Statistics show that police recorded 1.8 million incidents of antisocial behavior in the year ending June 2021, an increase of 7% from the same period last year.

And the England and Wales Telephone Crime Survey showed that 28% of adults have personally witnessed or experienced anti-social behavior in their area in the past 12 months.

Mr Thomas Symonds has pledged that neighborhood ‘police centers’ will open in every community to tackle the rise in anti-social behavior if Labor wins the next election.

Announcing the plan at the labor conference in September, the shadow Home Secretary said the new units would mean more “eyes, ears and boots on the ground” to reassure locals.

Each police station would have a neighborhood prevention team dedicated to tackling local crime – which locals could go to to talk to.

They would create a “next generation” neighborhood watch using technology including video doorbells and WhatsApp groups to bring people together.

The number of people saying they have never seen a police officer on foot patrol has doubled in England and Wales since the Tories came to power in 2010.

There are also 8,400 fewer police officers, while community support workers are down 7,600 and police personnel have been cut by 7,500. Special constables are down 6,300.

Mr Thomas-Symonds added: “The job would bring back neighborhood police to tackle the epidemic of anti-social behavior that is currently ravaging communities across the country.

“Labor will make sure you see officers on the track, eyes, ears and boots on the ground. “

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