Diwali Bonanza: Get Amazon Voucher worth Rs. 5,000 with Bajaj Finserv Business Loan

Pune, Maharashtra, India (NewsView) Bajaj Finance Limited, the lending arm of Bajaj Finserv, offers a convenient business loan for healthcare professionals. Physicians can improve their practice and achieve growth with this affordable and repayable physician loan with features designed for maximum flexibility. This credit offer includes secured and unsecured loans and is suitable for doctors. Thus, doctors can easily apply, respecting simple eligibility conditions that correspond to the chosen profession and submitting a minimum of paperwork. Best of all, doctors can use the loan amount as they choose, whether it’s investing in the latest medical devices, funding their children’s education abroad, or using it as a fund. bearing for their practice. This loan for doctors is not subject to any restriction of use. Applying for this business loan during Diwali offers doctors a bonus of an Amazon gift certificate worth Rs. 5,000. To get this voucher, doctors must apply for the loan online until October 31, 2021. With this exciting offer on the cards, here’s how Bajaj Finserv Business Loan can benefit healthcare professionals. High Value Funding Healthcare professionals have access to sufficient funds with this loan for physicians, which allows them to meet all of their personal and professional needs. Doctors can apply for unsecured loans up to Rs. 35 lakh and use the funds with no cap or limitation. They can also get a secured loan against a property of up to Rs. 50 lakh. The large sanction ensures that doctors can use the capital to expand the clinic’s infrastructure, invest in lifesaving equipment and software, and achieve their personal goals hassle-free. Flexibility today and tomorrow Bajaj Finserv’s business loan also makes repayment easier. Doctors can repay the loan over a long term, choosing the term based on their income and finances. The doctor loan comes with a Flexi facility, which is also designed to accommodate the hectic and stressful life of healthcare professionals. This feature allows physicians to only pay interest as an IME for the initial term of the repayment. This reduces monthly payments by up to 45% * and will allow borrowers to properly manage their cash flow. Physician-Friendly for Maximum Convenience Healthcare professionals have diverse and specialized needs. They may want to expand their existing setup to introduce a super-specialty or multi-specialty clinic or upgrade their practice’s holding area. Some of these expenses can also be urgent, whether it’s home / clinic repairs or an expansion opportunity with a time limit. The Bajaj Finserv doctor loan is ideally suited to these needs. Doctors enjoy the benefit of quick approval and disbursements with this business loan. Additionally, the NBFC only requires the most essential documentation and offers door-to-door pickup services, considering busy lifestyles. Healthcare professionals can check their pre-approved loan offer and apply using it for instant approval. This holiday season, doctors can take great strides towards their personal and professional growth with a doctor loan from Bajaj Finserv and take advantage of the Amazon gift voucher. About Bajaj Finance Limited Bajaj Finance Limited, the loan company of Bajaj Finserv Group, is one of the most diverse NBFCs in the Indian market, serving more than 44 million clients across the country. Based in Pune, the company’s product offering includes sustainable consumer loans, lifestyle finance, life care finance, digital product finance, personal loans, loans against property, small business loans, home loans, credit cards, two and three wheel loans, business loans SME loans / loans, title loans and rural finance which includes gold loans and refinance loans vehicles as well as fixed depots. Bajaj Finance Limited is proud to hold the highest FAAA / Stable credit rating for any NBFC in the country today. It is also the only NBFC in India with the international “BBB” with a stable long-term outlook, by S&P Global Rating.

For more information, please visit: www.bajajfinserv.in.


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