Essex crime: Dispersal order for Colchester town center after antisocial behavior last weekend

Essex Police officers have been granted additional powers in Colchester town center for the weekend.

A dispersal order is in place from Friday (September 17) at 6 p.m. until the same time on Sunday (September 19).

Essex Police say it comes after “incidents of anti-social behavior, disorder and alcohol” in the same area last weekend (September 10 and 11).

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The scattering order covers downtown Colchester, bounded by Cowdrey Avenue, East Street, Brook Street and A134. The order gives patrol officers additional powers to remove anyone suspected of engaging in antisocial behavior from the area.

The dispersal order covers much of Colchester town center

Dispersal orders are used in a wide variety of situations and are there to protect the public and communities from anti-social behavior.

When in place, a police officer or PCSO has the power to move an individual or group away from a “specified area”.

They can’t go back to that place for 48 hours, if they do, they can be arrested.

The “specified area” cannot be a place where they live or work.

The order can be used on anyone over the age of 10 who, according to the officer, has committed or is likely to commit antisocial behavior.

The officer must believe that antisocial behavior has occurred or is likely to mean that the order is necessary to reduce the risk of crime.

This does not mean that the area is closed to the general public. Essex Police explained: “The order was put in place to prevent crime and disorder and prevent people living in the area from being harassed, alarmed or in distress.”

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