Fourth direct update of the dunning check: COLA 2022 benefits, health insurance, child tax credit …


Federal Reserve Confirms He Will End Stimulus Spending In Next Months – What Is Quantitative Easing?

– Final Monthly Child Tax Credit Payments were sent on wednesday

– The Senate votes for raise the US debt ceiling $ 2.5 Trillion – What Does It Mean?

Manchin still not convinced on Democrats’ $ 2 trillion spending bill after call with Biden

– The Omicron variant lead to another stimulus check?

Inflation exceeds social Security COLA 2022 to augment

– More and more US lawmakers are pledging to support Health insurance for all

Unemployment rate in the United States falling at 4.2% after 210,000 jobs created in November

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Child tax credit

– Biden faces battle for extension of child tax credit

– IRS sends final payment of the child tax credit from 2021 the December 15

Stimulation controls

In Atlanta, some medical students need to get a $ 6,300 stimulus check.

New parents might see another stimulus check reflected in their tax refund in 2022.

– What is the deadline for claiming additional stimulus check payments in 2021?

Congress urged to approve a new stimulus check for social security beneficiaries

– Some states could send another dunning check

Social Security

– How much Social Security payments have yet to be sent in 2021?

Some states offer to those who receive The additional security income benefits from much larger payments

– Details of the COLA 2022 increase mailed to social security beneficiaries

– What is the maximum Social Security benefit for 2022?

5.9% increase in COLA –how does this affect benefits?


– What is the formula for the natural unemployment rate?

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