Heritage walk at the Theosophical Society

In an effort to explore and learn about the significance of the Theosophical Society of Madurai on Maistry Street in western Peru, the INTACH Chapter of Madurai organized a short heritage walk to New College House Sunday evening.

The former president of the Theosophical Society R. Krishnamoorthy started the walk by explaining how the hotel at the starting point got its name. He said: “Prior to the 1950s the building was the Madura College student hostel. Even after the hostel was moved, the place continued to be called College House.

Upon arriving at the Theosophical Society, Mr. Krishnamoorthy told the participants that the building was 120 years old. “One of the main goals of Theosophical Society was to achieve universal brotherhood, without barriers in terms of race, creed, caste, gender or color. In Madurai, the company was founded by the sincere efforts of S. Subramania Iyer in 1883, ”he added. The Theosophical Society also houses a library which contains books on a wide variety of subjects ranging from astronomy to religion to science.

This was the second INTACH Madurai Heritage Walk for the calendar year. Its host, P. Rajesh Kanna, said they would help the company run its business.

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