Lambeth Police Authorize Controversial Section 35 Powers in Ferndale Neighborhood in Response to ‘Antisocial Crime and Behavior in Area’

Metropolitan police announced that article 35 was authorized from 10:00 a.m. on 08/24/21 until 9:59 a.m. on 08/26/21 hours.

A tweet from Ferndale Police says the order was cleared by Inspector Barnes, with the affected areas shown on the map below.

Police say the order is “in response to persistent complaints of crime and anti-social behavior in the area.”

What is section 35?

Section 35 of the Antisocial Behavior, Police and Crime Act 2014 allows a police officer with at least the rank of inspector to authorize a dispersal area for up to 48 hours. Under the law, a person commits an offense if they do not leave or if they return after being ordered to leave

There has been some controversy around the use of these powers, especially when applied to protests.

The section 35 repeal campaign website says:

Police already use the concept of “anti-social behavior” to justify shutting down many different forms of assembly or gathering. These new powers allow the police to criminalize you simply for participating in a public demonstration.

Section 35 allows police to arrest and prosecute activists. Although the offenses set out in section 35 – not leaving an area on instruction or handing over property – are relatively minor, if you are found guilty you could be fined and, in rare cases, result in a penalty. imprisonment.

However, participating in a demonstration – including spontaneous demonstrations – is a legitimate way to exercise your rights to freedom of assembly and expression. It might cause temporary disruption and the police might find it inconvenient, but it’s not the same as anti-social behavior.

We believe that there are very real dangers of abuse of these new powers. This is why it is important to question the use of dispersal powers.

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