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A PARTNERSHIP plan supported by emergency services, local authorities and businesses has been launched to keep Southend safe throughout the summer.

While the city is open for business and visitors are welcome – especially as the weather starts to clear up – the police are also making it clear that anyone who comes to the area to cause anti-social behavior or commit an offense. crime is not welcome and his behavior will not be tolerated.

As part of the plan, there will be additional, high-visibility patrols in place in Southend and Leigh on evenings and weekends throughout the summer, while work done to tackle gangs in the area has been stepped up, as evidenced by gang injunctions the Police have secured in recent weeks.

Chief Superintendent Simon Anslow, Essex South LPA Police Commander, said: “In recent months there have been issues of anti-social behavior and violent crime.

“We have been in force day and night to combat this problem and provide high levels of visible policing to these communities, as we have listened to the concerns of residents, businesses, elected officials and our partners.

“We are all working together to make our borough and its waterfront areas safer for all those who live, work and visit our borough. Each week Essex Police meet with their business partners, including the tourism and hospitality trades, local authority, transport networks and other blue light services to ensure that we address new and emerging issues and take a partnership approach to security and crime prevention and detection.

“For our part, we are stepping up our patrols in the evenings and at weekends; arrest those responsible for crimes and anti-social behavior; obtain gang injunctions; and work with our partners because ensuring the safety of people requires efforts from all of us. ”

As part of the operation, there will be increased intelligence sharing among all partners, while there will also be an increased police presence on the routes to and from Southend.

Ch / Supt Anslow added: “Essex Police and all of our partners are committed to keeping Southend safe and ensuring that everyone enjoys the freedoms we have long sought, as well as our attractions. tourist and sunny weather.

“But we are all very clear – if anyone thinks they can come to our borough to commit a crime or a mess, think again because you will feel the full force of Essex Police and all of our partners and criminals won’t find it so nice to be next to our seaside.

Doug Cracknell, chairman of Leigh City Council, said: “There have been problems in Leigh that started last year, residents are concerned about the amount of garbage and anti-social behavior, and although the problems started in old Leigh, then spread to Leigh Town itself.

“This is a positive step because of the common approach between the organizations; everyone sings from the same hymn sheet.

“Leigh and Southend are open for business, but only if you come here and behave well. Hopefully, looking forward to next year, the work we have done with this operation will continue for the community. ”

Councilor Martin Terry said: “We want people to come and visit Southend and we need to work together to address the issues caused by the small number of people who want to behave inappropriately and spoil everyone.

“Fortunately, all of the organizations and businesses represented here recognize the importance of reassuring, increasing this visibility and doing everything in our power to make our city feel safe.”

Philip Miller MBE, owner of Adventure Island, added: “This is a very welcome initiative and I support it 100% because there is no doubt that the problem came out of nowhere.

“99.9% of the people who visit the area are great, it’s the minority and I’m glad something is being done. The increased police presence this past weekend has been brilliant, but I’d love to see this when the weather is warmer because that seems like the time when trouble begins. ”

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