Nigerian online comedian LinoMrLion vows to continue caring for the poor

Popular Nigerian social media comedian LinoMrLion, whose real names are Wemimo Iyiola Samson, has vowed to continue caring for the less privileged in the country.

LinoMrlion is one of the few humans whose heart of gold beats with the aim of improving the lives of the poor.

It is quite easy for the Turkey-based comedian to relate to the hardships of underprivileged people in society, having raced through the desert of life to become one of Nigeria’s most successful entertainers.

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Wemino is remorselessly engaged in the journey of the poor whom many in his social stratification will hate with disdain and will never want to have anything to do with them. However, he has always maintained that he denies his principle of blowing his trumpet or mentioning what he has done to help the needy.

LinoMrlion, however, is determined to continue on the path and this time take care of the poor on another level, starting a charity organization to primarily serve them in the future.

“To mention one would violate my personal principle regarding the act of giving, but I am working to float an organization that will look after the well-being of the less privileged at home. When it’s ready to take off, it can be made public,” Linomrlion said.

The comedian, who grew up in Lagos State, endured hardship at an early age when death took his father. But where he is today is not like where he came from; he even believes that the poor, whom society has rejected, have the germ of greatness.

“I was born into a religious family in Oshodi, Lagos but my pastor father unfortunately passed away when I was only 10 years old and as a result my mother had to work very hard to raise me and my children. three other siblings”, LinoMrLion

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Speaking further, LinoMrLion said, “I had to scramble in life, educated at Augflow Elementary School, Oshodi, and Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta. I topped it off with an MBA from Aydin University in Istanbul, Turkey”.

On his style and content, he talked about the things that make him different from others.

“My comedy sketches stand out because 98% of them are shot in a foreign country, but we always manage to localize our content. Although I aspire to reach the level of the best artists in the industry, what I do currently is well received by my fans.

“I think my slang is peculiar. I saw that some artists love it and use it too. I’m proud of it. My style of dress also says a lot about me,”
LinoMrLion added.

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