NYC admits more housing rights violations – NBC New York

The Legal Aid Society said New York City officials admitted to other violations of housing rights laws after failing to provide beds for at least 60 single men at a Manhattan shelter on Monday. evening.

Legal Aid staff attorney Joshua Goldfein said the New York Department of Homeless Services informed the group, which represents people living in shelters, of the violations in a text message early Tuesday. .

The Department of Homeless Services did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The failure to provide beds comes as the city’s shelter system experiences a surge of thousands of migrants from border states to New York. It is one of the few municipalities to have housing rights laws, ensuring that anyone who shows up at a designated reception center at a set time must be placed in a shelter on the same day.

Additional violations in the shelter system for families with children were revealed by NBC New York in July.

In a statement, Legal Aid threatened to sue if the issues are not resolved.

“We are extremely alarmed by the frequency of these violations under this administration,” the statement said. “Every New Yorker, including an individual seeking asylum, has the legal right to be placed in a safe and decent place of refuge.”

The city previously admitted that for two nights in July, five families were not properly housed after showing up at the PATH reception center in the Bronx. Even this admission has become a source of controversy over who knew about the violations and when, and whether there was an attempt to cover them up.

The city’s investigation department is currently looking into this matter.

But the newer, more recent violations involve singles showing up at the 30th Street Intake Shelter in Manhattan, sources said.

Hundreds of asylum seekers now arrive in New York each week, ferried from Texas on buses sent by that state’s governor amid a political dispute with the Biden administration.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said these migrants would be welcomed with open arms, but he also called on the federal government to provide more financial assistance to the city to help with the cost.

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