Pakistan ranked 151st out of 153 for gender inequality

Islamabad: Lubna Naz from IBA, Karachi, said gender equality should be the top priority for Pakistan as it is the fifth goal and the global priority of the SDGs, while Pakistan ranks 151st out of 153 countries in terms of gender inequality.

Ms Naz was speaking at a web-based panel discussion on “Pakistan and the SDGs” hosted here by the Institute for Strategic Studies (ISS). The discussion was moderated by Dr Neelum Nigar,

Ms Naz believed that there was a growing need to involve men in the country and educate them on preventing violence against women, as this was one of the main components. of the SDGs.

Social Policy Advisor Nadeem Ahmed observed that the current SDG framework provided enormous opportunities for various sectors to participate in Pakistan’s development and move forward. Under the current government, the SDG working group and support units have been created at the federal and provincial levels for effective implementation of the policies developed.

Amir Hussain of the ISS pointed out that Pakistan spends only 2.3% of its GDP on education and that 40% of children under five are stunted, showing that more resources are needed to achieve the goals set by 2030.

Concluding the roundtable, the Chairman of the Board of Governors, Khalid Mahmood, said that the international community, regardless of the differences, is making great efforts to mobilize resources to shape public opinion in order to achieve social progress. economic. He felt that our government was lacking in its implementation due to limited resources and capacity.

ISS Director General Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry said there is no lack of political will and ownership in Pakistan regarding the implementation of the SDGs as it is part of Pakistan’s Vision 2025. However, he said, more needs to be done on the implementation part adding that with geoeconomy becoming a priority for the Pakistani government, focusing on traditional and non-traditional security issues automatically makes SDGs a global political priority. .

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