Police Now officers tackle crime and anti-social behavior with positive results through Herts

PC Rory Farmer

Proposed by Laurent Rosenberg

Police Now officers play a vital role in the fight against crime and anti-social behavior in Hertfordshire.

Communities where Police Now officers were posted in the last 22 months in the police zone saw 3,024 fewer incidents of antisocial behavior compared to the same period as of October 2016, which equates to a decrease of 16%.

Officers from Police Now’s National Graduate Leadership Program worked alongside their colleagues in their local neighborhood teams.

In addition to the decline in anti-social behavior, communities also recorded 747 fewer burglary incidents, a decrease of 20%. There were 842 fewer incidents of arson and arson, a drop of 14% and 230 fewer shoplifting incidents, which equates to a drop of 5%.

PC Rory Farmer and PC Hollie Edwards of Hertfordshire Constabulary have both worked on an innovative program to reduce car theft. PC Farmer noticed that vehicle theft increased rapidly in early 2021, and the problem was often caused by car doors being left unlocked by their owners. With the support of his sergeant and colleagues, he conducted an operation for two nights in which they tried over 1,500 car door handles. This identified 36 vehicles with unlocked doors, one of which contained thousands of pounds of tools inside. PC Farmer and colleagues have alerted vehicle owners to raise awareness and prevent violations. They then published the results locally to raise awareness more widely and spoke with colleagues in Watford, Hertfordshire, to let them know about the success of the operation.

PC Edwards recognized the program’s effectiveness and tested 2,220 car door handles three evenings on his ward to see how many were unlocked. She found that 103 had been left unlocked, one in 22 cars. She then informed car owners in person to encourage people to lock their vehicles and educate them about the problem.

PC Edwards, said: “Most were very happy that we informed them and some a little embarrassed.

“Following our work, I noticed a significant reduction in thefts inside vehicles on my route.

PC Farmer, who has been nominated by a colleague for the Hertfordshire Student Officer of the Year award, added: ‘It is important that all members of the public can see people like them in the police force. so that they can feel that the police are accessible.

“This accessibility helps the dialogue that will be able to understand why things such as anti-social behavior may exist in a region.”

Police Now’s mission is to transform communities by recruiting, developing and inspiring diverse policing leaders.

Good news from Hertfordshire:

Officers in Police Now programs develop leadership and problem-solving skills. They share a commitment to public service, fighting crime and inspiring social change alongside their colleagues.

Police Now recruited a total of 1,830 officers from 33 UK forces, including Hertfordshire Constabulary. Police Chief Charlie Hall has invested in his communities by partnering with Police Now over the past four years, with 43 police officers joining the force through this route.

Police Now consistently recruits more officers who are female or of Black, Asian, and minority descent than any other route of entry into the police force. Police Now recruitment data shows that on average more than half (57%) of people joining the National Graduate Leadership Program in Hertfordshire (2017-2020) identify as female.

Police Now co-founder and former Chief Detective Inspector David Spencer said: “We are incredibly proud of the positive impact our participants continue to have within their local communities, and their commitment to driving positive change with their colleagues so that all members of our society, including the most vulnerable , have a chance to flourish. “

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