Portsmouth Humane Society in full, tenants threatened with eviction seeking help

PORTSMOUTH, VA – Thousands of people in our region are scrambling to find a place to live, despite the moratorium on evictions being extended until October 3.

It can be a heartbreaking scenario. Nowhere to go, and with a pet by their side, some people turn to shelters to help them care for their pets if they can’t find immediate housing.

“Every day we see about 10 new animals coming in and we’re not adopting at this rate,” said Alison Fechino, CEO of the Porstmouth Humane Society.

Their shelter is full. Cats, dogs and small animals that were returned this summer.

“We’re getting calls from people already asking what my options are if I’m kicked out, can you take my pet,” Fechino said.

The moratorium on evictions that was due to expire on July 31 has had an impact on pets.

“Problems with owners are one of the top three reasons people bring their pets to shelters to visit,” she said.

The moratorium on evictions has been extended until October 3, but Fechino is worried about the influx of furry friends nonetheless.

“If we run out of kennels, we can temporarily set up kennels in the hallways, but if we don’t have humans to care for the animals, we are using too many resources,” she said.

This is a double whammy, because they too are short of workers to take care of the animals and there are too many of them.

“Giving up a pet at a shelter is a heartbreaking decision when it should be the last option for some, it happens faster than others,” said Fechino.

They can temporarily suspend a pet for those facing eviction for 30 days, but only if they have room.

“We are doing our best to keep our heads above water,” she said.

Right now, they’re begging communities to help them adopt these furry friends to free up space or even consider hosting them.

“Foster homes give us the opportunity to temporarily place a pet in a loving and caring environment.

Right now, the Humane Society here in Portsmouth is waiving adoption fees until August 13 and flexible fostering options.

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