There is a great universe of personal credits. As time progresses and needs are segmented, financial institutions have found it necessary to categorize the loans they grant. Today it is common to hear about fast credits, mini-credits, car credits and more. But the credit market is extensive and each one grows more and more.

Today, for example, we will talk about real estate loans and financial credits. In this article you will know what they are and their functions. You will learn a lot, so pay attention to everything you will read today.

Real estate revenues

Real estate revenues

We will begin our work with real estate loans. When you want to buy a house that has a very high value, and you do not have the money to pay it in cash, one of the options to get ahead is real estate loans, which represent an opportunity to acquire it, without having to suddenly bring a significant amount of money.

Real estate loans are a financial product that is acquired in the long term, which is backed by the mortgage of the house that is purchased. They can be obtained, preferably, through online financial institutions and bank branches.

Acquiring real estate loans should not become a great burden that prevents us from paying the most necessary expenses. Therefore, the payments that we must make from a credit should not represent more than a percentage that we define (maybe 25% or 30%), because we must take into account that when contracting the credit, it means committing to pay that amount during many years. Because of this, we only have to take the credit when: we do not have enough money to buy the house and when it does not represent a very difficult burden to pay for the beneficiary’s salary.

How does real estate loans function? Its operation is very easy. When they give you a loan you can offer personal guarantees, such as the possession of a guarantor. However, for real estate loans in addition to real guarantees, you must give the bank a real guarantee, which in this case corresponds to the property you are going to acquire.

Despite being as a guarantee of the loan, the property remains your property, it is in your name with a restriction of sale, which means that if you were to sell your house, it would continue to support your debt in the bank until The credit is paid in full.

Financial credits

Financial credits

Now it is financial credits’ turn. Financial credits are those that are obtained through financial or banking entities, that is, through loans and lines of credit. In this type of loans there is a financial cost associated with the availability of the required amount, which are interest rates and other administrative expenses.

One very characteristic thing about financial credits is that it is very common for the extension of the credit to be granted against the presentation of guarantees and guarantees.

These financial credits can be obtained through various websites specialized in these financial products.

Revenues to customers


Loans to customers are simply all credits that are granted by any financial entity. It is that financial operation in which a financial or credit institution makes available to the person requesting a certain amount of money for a previously agreed time.

Loans to customers, therefore, are those available to an individual or a company that requests such credit on an online platform, and it is this entity or online platform that offers the credit online.

Websites that offer loans loans do require very few documents to clients seeking financing. In fact, the requirements are lower than those required in traditional banks.

Just a few documents (identity document, residence and bank account) are needed for the lender to agree to give you the loan, if you requested loans .

If you want a financing plan then you should consider the option of loans loans yes. With these you can get out of any economic trouble that comes your way and improve your financial stability.

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