Scammers target student loan borrowers ahead of pandemic pause on end of repayments – KIRO 7 News Seattle

We deal with it all the time – those annoying scam calls from someone claiming to work for the government or a recording telling you to act fast to get a supposedly exclusive offer.

There is now a warning from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about crooks targeting people with federal student loans to try to confuse them and potentially steal their personal information.

It comes as the pandemic break in federal student loan repayments ends at the end of January 2022.

“Just a reminder that the program is going to expire,” said a potential con artist in a voicemail message.

“You must register within the next 24 hours,” said another scam call.

“Scammers often make big promises, but whatever you’re really entitled to, any kind of help, you can do it yourself for free by working with your student loan officer or by working with the Department of Education. Education, ”said Dan Dwyer, a staff lawyer. with FTC. “The crooks want your personal information including your federal student aid ID or your FSA ID or your social security number or whatever they can get to get money from your go.”

The FTC says you should never have to pay an upfront fee.

Never give out your Federal Student Aid ID, and don’t sign up for anything that claims to give a quick loan forgiveness.

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