Second wave of COVID continues to haunt Vizianagaram, Srikakulam

The second wave of COVID continues to worry residents of Vizianagaram and Srikakulam districts, thanks to new positive cases despite the vaccination campaign.

About 30 new positive cases are reported every day in Vizianagaram district. No less than 180 patients are undergoing treatment in hospitals or COVID care centers. So far, the district has registered 86,628 positive cases and 643 deaths.

The district administration undertakes awareness programs in the 34 mandals. Joint collector R. Mahesh Kumar called on the medical and health department to continue the special campaign for everyone to follow the COVID-19 protocol, especially in public places.

Social Behavior Change Wing Coordinator B. Ramakrishna said the government was taking the support of public officials, including MPs, sarpanches, to force everyone to wear masks and follow the standards of social distancing in public places. During the outreach program conducted in S. Kota, Congress Party MP YSR Kadubandi Srinivasa Rao published a UNICEF poster on the appropriate behavior of Covid. He said there were indications of a strong third wave in the country and no one should ignore government guidelines to control the spread of the Corona virus.

In the city of Vizianagaram, awareness programs are continuing in public places. Vizianagaram Textile Market President Balaji Buddepu Venkata Rao and Secretary Nirmal Kumar Pokarna said all customers and staff were strictly urged to wear masks and respect social distancing. They said security guards stationed at the entrance were checking customers’ temperatures with thermal scanners. “Many traders have also been victims of COVID-19. We therefore take the greatest care to comply with COVID-19 standards. Despite the decline in new positive cases, we are following government guidelines, ”Venkata Rao said.

In Srikakulam district, nearly 40 new positive cases are reported every day. So far, 1.20 lakh of positive cases have been registered in the district and 480 cases have been active among them. Collector Shrikesh B. Lathkar called on the Medical and Health Department to step up outreach programs in the 38 mandals to achieve the green zone category for the district.

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