Shock after Bolton Council released ‘ASBO’ to charity singing group

A group of CHARITY singers have been slapped with an anti-social behavior warning for performing in the city center.

Bolton council agents told Charity Aid volunteers they were not allowed to settle down and sing there and invoked an anti-social behavior order.

The group, which have raised over £ 700,000 in the 17 years since their inception, have been shocked and saddened after the exchange.

Charity Aid chief and former journalist Peter Quinn has said the way they have been treated is a disgrace and demands an apology from the council.

(Pierre Quinn)

He said: “This is the first time that a council has done this and it is a shame.

“Ironically, we’re based in Bolton, so that’s a real insult. We sing in Bolton about two days a year and when we were there in August there was no problem.

“The Bolton Council knows us well and we expected them to be proud of what we have done. No one has treated us so badly.

Charity Aid have a permit from the council allowing them to perform.

Mr Quinn said: “I was disgusted especially after the record we had, it is an insult to treat the charity volunteers like that.

“We wasted our time doing it and they come and say no you can’t do it.

“To claim that charity singing is anti-social behavior is another insult. When we pointed out that we had been singing in Bolton for 17 years, they ignored the fact.

Charity Aid also frequents the Midlands and other places in the North like Manchester and Liverpool, where the councils give them several days for fundraising.

The Bolton News: Peter Quinn and his wife Carole Quinn.

(Charitable aid)

Mr Quinn said: “Bolton only allowed one day per year to each charity. And by refusing to let us go ahead on Saturday, they acted recklessly.

Mr Quinn of Atherton started the group after being diagnosed and treated for cancer.

He said: “It was my inspiration to do this and then I got some friends involved, with our first performance at the Stretford Mall.

“Having cancer was a life-changing experience because I almost died while being treated for two years.

“My treatment cost the NHS over £ 100,000, so I figured if a person could cost that much, imagine how much more it would cost.”

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