Teenager flagged for ‘senseless behaviour’ after spray painting in Inverkeithing

A teenager is being reported for ‘insane behaviour’ in relation to vandalism in Inverkeithing involving spray paint on walls.

South West Fife Police tweeted at 9.44pm tonight (Thursday) that the incident happened in the port town of Fife, south east of Rosyth, near the Firth of Forth and north west of ‘Edinburgh.

It read: “I’m sticking to the topic of foolish behavior tonight. A 19-year-old man is being reported to the tax prosecutor in connection with vandalism at the #Ferrytoll Park and Ride in #Inverkeithing. Not sure what they were expecting in spray painting several #Courtyard walls.”

The reference to ‘senseless behaviour’ followed an earlier Twitter post from South West Fife Police, who said a patrol had been sent to the Ferrytoll Park and Ride in Inverkeithing in the evening due to some reported problems with antisocial behavior and graffiti. “Somebody’s gonna have a guy on their doorstep soon,” the post said. “How can you not see these CCTV cameras? Car registration…”

“Somebody’s gonna have a guy on their doorstep soon,” police tweeted, “How can you not see those CCTV cameras?”

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