Terrified OAP, 73, dies of heart attack as yobs throw pears at her house after calling cops three times in 15 minutes

A TERRIFIED PAO tragically died after suffering a heart attack while children were tossing pears in her house.

Lesley Cubbon, 73, called police three times in just 15 minutes to report the attack in Onchan, Isle of Man, on August 11 last year, before passing away shortly after.


Lesley Cubbon, 73, tragically died just after her home was targeted by young people

An investigation found that the incident had “contributed significantly” to his death.

The panicked retiree had told a call manager that she “would have a fucking heart attack before this batch was over.”

Douglas Courthouse learned that Lesley’s house on Ridgeway Road had been “troubled by young people … for a few years”.

During her calls to 999, she told operators that she was “absolutely fed up” and “fed up”.

But the “shameful” behavior worsened significantly when Covid’s lockdown restrictions were relaxed in May 2020, neighbors said.

On the evening of her death, a dozen children had thrown pears – picked from a neighbor’s garden – at Lesley’s home and verbally assaulted her husband, we learned in court.

She called the cops three times between 8:38 pm and 8:53 pm with “desperation and frustration in her voice.”

Officers arrived and spoke with a group of young people at around 8:55 p.m., but denied being involved.

About 30 minutes later, Lesley was found by her collapsed husband on the bathroom floor – before paramedics declared her dead shortly after.

Coroner Jayne Hughes has entered a verdict of natural causes.


She ruled that myocardial ischemia, a severe blockage of one of the arteries in the heart, was the cause of Lesley’s death, but that the “stress and frustration” of the attack “contributed significantly.”

Onchan Commissioner David Quirk, who has had “a lot of connections” with Lesley and her husband, is listed in the investigation report as a local who acknowledged that antisocial behavior is one of the biggest concerns at Onchan.

He told The Sun Online: “I talked about what was going on in the village, what could happen and God loves us, it happened.

“Young people do not realize the pressure they put on the elderly.

“That’s the problem. It’s when they do that to older people
“If they did it to a younger person, [that person would] probably go out and hit them.

They were trying to get help and the help did not come fast enough.

David QuirkCommissioner Onchan

“But because someone is older, they either put up with it and stay home all the time, or they try to get help.

“And I think that was the problem here. They were trying to get help and the help didn’t come quickly enough.”

The park area has since been fitted with lighting and CCTV in an effort to tackle anti-social behavior, but its installation has been delayed by the pandemic.

Ms Hughes said it was “indeed unfortunate” that the improvements were not completed “earlier and before the shocking circumstances of Lesley’s death”.

But she said she was “satisfied” that Onchan commissioners and Isle of Man police had “taken action to resolve the problem of the disorder in Onchan Park.”

Retiree has been targeted by teenagers for several years, survey finds


Retiree has been targeted by teenagers for several years, survey findsCredit: google maps

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