Thames Valley Police ask Windsor nightclub to close earlier

A SPIKE of anti-social behavior after the lockdown prompted police to demand that a Windsor nightclub reduce its opening hours.

The owners of Labyrinth in Unit 15a, Windsor Royal Station want to open the nightclub Monday through Sunday from 11 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. the next morning, as well as serve alcohol, play music and movies in room from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m.

They also want to extend their opening hours by one hour on New Year’s Day and New Year’s Day at the venue that once hosted the Vanilla nightclub but has come into operation.

However, Thames Valley Police (TVP) have asked to reduce opening hours to 2 a.m. and have requested ID scanners for clubbers accessing the site. These two conditions were rejected by the applicant, Epic Bars and Clubs Berkshire Ltd.

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This and the objections raised by residents triggered a licensing subcommittee on Wednesday, October 6, prompting applicants to present their cases to councilors.

Speaking at the meeting, Inspector Mike Dower, Neighborhood Inspector for Windsor and Maidenhead, explained that demand for the Night Economy has “increased dramatically” after the lockdown and TVP is busy “every Friday and Saturday nights “with crime and anti-social behavior. increasing behavior.

He said: “The hours they advance are too late. We are already seeing a massive increase in crime and unrest in this region.

“We are already seeing anti-social behavior drifting around Bridgewater Terrace. ”

The meeting took place at York House

Inspector Dower added that the hours of operation are “inconsistent” with the region and “does not understand” why identity scanners are a problem for applicants, citing that the technology is helping with law enforcement and prevention of crime and unrest.

But Andrew Woods, lawyer for the plaintiff, argued that their request was in line with that of other bars and nightclubs in downtown Windsor, citing that their plans were almost identical to those of the nearby Atik nightclub which had been licensed. approved a few months ago.

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Mr Woods put a deal on the table for advisers to review, saying they will implement an ID scan condition if their original application is approved in its entirety with the additional conditions imposed by TVP – to except for the reduction of hours.

He also removed off-sale alcohol sales and added a condition for staff to clean up trash on the street after the club closes.

The advisers will make their decision within five working days whether or not to approve the request.

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