The 1st Division Society chapter resumes its meetings

There was a delay in 1st Division Society Chapter meetings in Junction City during the coronavirus pandemic. But last Thursday they resumed.

Phyllid Fitzgerald, Executive Director, briefed members on a number of topics, including the Big Red One Support Fund. “Anyone can donate to this fund. Just if they send us money, they can direct it to that.”

Money in the fund can be used to support active duty soldiers or their family members who have an emergency and have exhausted all means available at Fort Riley. “Then they can come see us. They fill out an application and we check with their unit, and if we have funds available, we can provide it in the form of a grant,” Fitzgerald said.

The fund is also used to provide commissary gift cards to the Postal Chaplain’s office during the holiday season for families needing extra help during the holidays.

Thursday’s session was the first since March 2020. Members also heard the story from Sgt. (Ret.) Mike DeBolt, Distinguished Service Cross recipient for his heroic life-saving actions in 2008 while stationed in Afghanistan serving with the 1st Infantry Division. DeBolt was present at the meeting.

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