The last man could find a new life on this streamer

We live in a world where cancellation doesn’t necessarily mean death for a TV series. More recently, viewers saw it with Netflix’s abrupt cancellation and subsequent renewal of the popular sci-fi series “Manifest.” A similar fate could happen to “Y: The Last Man” if all the pieces fall in the right places, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, the best place for the series could be HBO Max.

From what sources said at the point of sale, HBO Max makes the most sense because “its parent company, WarnerMedia, also owns DC Comics, whose imprint, Vertigo, released the” Y: TLM. “ comedy series from 2002-08. To give fans even more hope, THR reports that FX Productions is apparently supporting producers’ efforts to breathe new life into the series elsewhere. But it’s unclear if the first season would also move to HBO Max. Disney ultimately owns FX Productions, and they might not want to give up easily accessible content so quickly.

It is important to note that this is all speculation at this point. There is no indication that HBO Max is interested in the series, and the series could always land elsewhere. But if you want to see more of this world, you can always go back and read the original comic book series. At least you know there will be some semblance of closure there.

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