“Trust Covid-apt’s behavior more than social media posts on Omicron” | Nagpur News

Nagpur: “The virus is back, this time with more energy, tactics and cover-up. We do not cough, no fever … It takes less time to go to the extreme ”. Such social media posts are doing the trick, but doctors say there is little truth to such claims.
Doctors in the city say researchers around the world have yet to come to a specific conclusion regarding the worrisome new variant – Omicron. They said people should prefer the websites of the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Union, the Indian government and the ministries of health of the respective countries to get reliable information rather than believing WhatsApp publications.
The WHO update to November 28 also dispels many of the doubts and fears following the discovery of the new variant. According to the WHO bulletin, studies are underway to determine the impact of the new variant. The WHO also suggests that prevention – mask, distancing and disinfectant – is the best protection.
Infectious disease specialist Dr Ashwini Tayde said that so far official reports indicate that few major complications or hospitalizations have occurred due to the strain in Africa. “The numbers have certainly increased but cannot be attributed 100% to the new strain. There are several other factors that contribute to it. However, infectivity is significantly higher. This has been reported by South Africa, but has also been seen in other countries, so the country of origin and other details have not yet been released, ”she said.
Pulmonologist Dr Ravindra Sarnaik said citizens should seek joint official statements to get accurate information about new crown variants. “According to South Africa’s official report, everything is changing. Unless they have a sufficient number of cases, nothing can be said for sure. There must be an official publication of all the data they analyze. Some people are also trying to concoct stories about the new variant. How can I comment when I have not seen patients affected by the new strain? You don’t see it all over South Africa either, ”he said.
Dr Sarnaik also pointed out that an important lesson the pandemic has taught is that the outbreak can take place anywhere and anytime across the world. “Omicron was detected there, but it cannot be traced to South Africa as the country of origin. We must not scare but remain vigilant, ”he said.
Internal medicine specialist Dr Mohan Nerker said that until the variant is reported in India, how it manifests itself, what impact it has on the vaccinated population, it is wrong to speculate. “People need to get vaccinated on time, follow the behavior of Covid-apt using masks, disinfectants. This will protect us not only from any variant but also from other infections, ”he said, advising people to prefer official verified information for self-education.

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