We are not a compassionate society – Chico Enterprise-Record

With all the recent emphasis on heroin and other opioid use in Butte County, we may have overlooked a familiar and very engaging substance that has been plaguing our community since at least the 1980s and doesn’t show. no sign of disappearance. Methamphetamine is as pleasant as cocaine but much cheaper, with effects that last longer. Methamphetamine is widely available and can be ingested in a variety of ways, making it a popular choice on the streets.

Unfortunately, methamphetamine is highly addictive and causes both physical deterioration and brain damage over periods of prolonged use, some of which are likely irreversible. Symptoms often include premature tooth loss, accelerated aging, rapid temperament, anxiety, muscle twitching, and various psychotic delusions, including paranoia.

Evidence of long-term methamphetamine use among street and park dwellers in Butte County may include disorganized camping with insane accumulations of scattered and miscellaneous items; repetitive words and jerky body movements; and strong argumentative behavior with little provocation.

We often discuss what a compassionate society should and should not do for those who have gone astray. It has become obvious to me that we live in a time and place where every adult is free to slowly destroy themselves and die prematurely, and no one will stop them. It doesn’t sound like compassion to me.

– Carl Ochsner, Chico

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