Wollongong sites to crack down on anti-social behavior

15 licensed sites in Wollongong are tired of a few bad eggs spoiling others.

From today, any patron who behaves inappropriately at participating pubs and clubs across the city and does not leave or displays anti-social or violent behavior will be banned from the venue and from others anywhere between 24 hours and a lifespan dependent on the offense.

Ryan Aitchison of the Illawarra Hotel said the “Barred from one, barred from all” initiative is about not letting the actions of a small minority spoil the social experiences of the vast majority.

“We’re just not going to accept bad behavior.

“We need to make sure the consequences are in place for this very small minority of people who don’t know how to behave properly in social settings and ruin other people’s nights,” he said.


Police will continue to issue $550 fines to people who refuse to comply with places asking them to leave or who exhibit antisocial behavior,” Aitchison said.

“We all have to make sure we’re controlling the chaos and that it’s as safe an environment as possible for everyone to go out and have fun,” he said.

Participating Wollongong sites include;

The Illawarra Hotel, Dicey Rileys Hotel, The Prince, The Howlin Wolf, Pepes on the Beach, TBH, Mr Crown, The Harp, Tusk, North Gong Hotel and others.

Images: Illawarra Hotel and NSW Police

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